IMG_0360I started meditating when I was 16 years old and subsequently spent many hours and years meditating and learning about Tibetan Buddhism. I was teaching meditation classes by the time I was 21.

As I entered my mid-20s I decided to put my attention on my academic education earning my BA in English Literature, with a minor in Education, at Loyola University of Chicago. I went on to earn my Masters degree at University of Chicago, in Social Sciences, conducting research for my thesis on mentoring programs for youth. It was at University of Chicago that I started my career as a career counselor, helping individuals to gain clarity about their career direction and life purpose. I spent 10 years working with students, primarily on university campuses, focusing on their career transitions. I worked with private clients for years before launching my website, www.daisyswan.com, in 2003.

It was also at that time that meditation became a trusted place of quiet again, but this time without the anchor of Tibetan Buddhism. Mindful Awareness Practice, or Sitting practice, became my meditation. I also recognized how body awareness practices helped me, and my clients, gain insight; I decided to learn more about this and completed my Somatic Coaching Certification in 2007 at the Strozzi Institute in Petaluma, CA.

In 2010, working with scores of stressed out and anxious clients who were losing jobs and financial footing, I called upon my meditation practice to help myself and clients gain equilibrium and perspective. It was at that time that I realized I wanted to begin teaching meditation again after so many years. In 2012 became certified as a Mindfulness Facilitator from the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. Since that time I have been teaching Mindful Awareness Practices classes, Mindfulness and Career Transition workshops, and Mindfulness Based Communication classes for adults of all ages.

I make it a point to attend week-long silent meditation retreats, and have attended trainings with Jon Kabat-Zinn, Saki Santorelli, as well as Mindful School’s curriculum development trainings.

Mindfulness practice is an integral and cherished part of my life. I hope to bring this life changing way of developing focus, clarity and creativity to yours.

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